When do we turn the page?

ZDNets – Between the lines post

ZDnet was a technology space? The two videos posted reflect items captured on camera that reflect a negative response of the people. Which is usually hammered at by other’s with social agenda’s that at-times itself is a distraction.

Apple is planning on streaming video with the support of CCTV (funny enough-China Central Television). This can prove to be a tremendous break-through. Broadcasting feeds generated from Surveillance cameras. Only in such a “closed” lab like environment can this possibly take place.

The behind the scenes knowledge obtained, used the right way in a “free” society, can open avenues of possibilities today only on paper.

Chicago – only second to London is developing an infrastructure of surveillance cameras that now looks to encourage businesses to join the network through its 911 center. Is it possible the surveillance build up in these cities is connected with the Olympics?  (Chicago is still in running to host 2016)

Not to overlook China’s other side, we have a strong tendency within our own media of “selective” messages.

One main role technology plays is finding alternate uses for ideas once there created. At times we leave this up to the “free” market to bring forward. If we spend to much time with the Orwellian theory, we risk the opportunity of missing something that may prove more important to society.

Communities across this great nation are embracing surveillance with the honorable objective of securing the land for the people. The camera was never in question, it is those behind the camera.

It is sad individuals don’t see this opportunity an trumpet in a new concept in using surveillance cameras. Maybe “hits/visitors” are more important the true content.


Robert Ambrogi’s LawSites

gives a review of AVVO’s new updates

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