A Glimpse Into the Mobile Future … Thanks to GigaOM

GigaOm with Om Malik

GigaOm with Om Malik


See the original post here to find out more about a spiffy little contest being run by the chic-geeks over at GigaOM – their goal is to uncover tomorrow’s cool mobile applications today. Yeah … that’ll happen. Thus far these companies have made the cut. But the competition continues. At least according to the GigaOM site.

Fonemesh: a software maker for the “wi-fi mesh” (i.e. when cell-phones learn to talk to one another and to the surrounding computers, printers, and smart appliances, this company’s software will be there … they say) 

Tunewiki: Groups of people collaborate to transcribe lyrics for songs and correct mistakes. This sounds like a mobile transcription application waiting to be introduced to the legal market.

Heysan: An instant-message (IM) system tricked-out especially for mobile devices like phones, iPod touch, BlackBerry, etc. We don’t have enough of these already? 

Pinch Media: Analytics for iPhone applications. There’s always money to be made analyzing what people want, what they watch, what they do, etc. And going to the mobile handset market is the logical choice.

Fonolo: A tool that makes calling customer support or your bank a little more bearable (I haven’t seen it yet but I bet it allows you to hang up then rings you when a real person comes back on the line). I could see this working in a lot of ways.

Skyfire: A mobile browser that does everything a desktop browser will do, including Ajax and Flash. This goes in the “I’ll believe it when I see it” category.

Zecter: For sharing your media from the desktop and the cloud to your phone or mobile device. Again I ask … don’t we already have this in at least 2 flavors? MobileMe for Apple iPhone and LiveMesh for Windows mobile devices. So this company adds value how?

LuckyCal: It turns your calendar into a hub for your mobile life. Whatever. No comment

MotionDSP: Technology that helps clean up videos and make them more watchable on mobiles. Okay.

Cumulux: Super-stealth mode. You have to come to the conference to get the low down.

Placethings: A mobile media platform that allows people to create and interact with place-based media from their mobile device.

Fusion Garage Project: A browser-based mobile OS that ties it to web services.

Tapulous: iPhone games that strategically utilize the social network embodied in the phone.

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