Web 2.0 In Your Face, plebe! The future is here and it’s pissed!

Out For Vengance

"Out For Vengeance"

Yep, Read/Write/Web is at it again and this time they’re telling you that Web 2.0 is coming to a courtroom, boardroom, and bathroom near you … and it won’t take “no” for an answer! The tenor of the post is captured right up front

There was a time when … anything having to do with technology fell squarely on the shoulders of IT. That time has passed. Web 2.0 technologies [have made technology] accessible to everyone. Today, if you’re not staying current with Web 2.0 technologies’ impact on business, then you’re just not staying current. Period.

Warning: Self-righteousness levels in this piece are off the hook; I’m hearing ‘I told you so’ in my head so many times as I read that something may just explode as the smarty pants guys at R/W/W tear me a new mental a#@hole. Read this one and weep.

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