the inevitable post about Google’s new browser

Chrome .. because Google owns you

.. because we own you ..

You may have heard last week that the military-industrial-googleplex took its first step towards domination of the Internet browser market. Its answer to Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and the rest of the field? Chrome. Watch the fateful announcement below or download the product here to try it.

A sample of last week’s commentary (ironically, taken from Google itself) demonstrates that the response from the Interneterati was lukewarm, but having tried the product I’d say Chrome lives up to some of its promises. It’s fast loading, has a number of conveniences built in, and it incorporates Google’s search functionality. That said, there is much it doesn’t do. It lacks the extensions and themes of Firefox, the security features of IE, or cutting-edge cool of Apple’s Safari. Finally, as you might expect Chrome suffers from ‘newbie syndrome’ — most of the third-party goodies I use aren’t ready for Chrome.

Still .. it’s nice to have another choice in browsers, and more competition is never a bad thing. So I’ll be using Chrome as often as I can to collaborate, do research, and run online office applications, all the while hoping that it becomes a viable alternative to what’s already available.

Your thoughts on Chrome? E-mail me at mhedayat[at] and let me know.

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