The Second Coming of the Jesus Phone


Google written all over it

Google written all over it

Feast your eyes on the first cell-phone to have goodies like Gmail, Search, Calendar, and more built in from the get-go via the innovative and, until now, secretive Android mobile OS. The so-called Google Phone has been a myth for as long as the iPhone (dubbed the “Jesus Phone” by Apple fans); even true believers had to wonder if the Google Phone would ever materials. But the Google faithful were duly rewarded last month with the release of Chrome  and this month, the Google Phone.

Far from being a myth, the very real T-Mobile G1 boasts a gaggle of Google applications baked right in, and is the first cell-phone to use a truly open operating system built by a consortium. The upshot is that in theory developers could be popping out applications for the device in no time. Looking further into the future, in a year users should be able to make their Android-powered phones do pretty much anything from turning on the lights at home remotely to automatically letting contacts know they will be late to a meeting based on their GPS-determined position. It’s a brave new world, campers!

Of course the faithful have heard that one before … but hope springs eternal. I mean, they did come out with a phone, and last month a browser right? How badly could they blow this golden opportunity? Do you really want to know the answer? I didn’t think so.

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