Clio is here and it rocks!

Practice Management Simplified

Practice Management Simplified

October 1 marks the launch of Clio, the ambitious web-based law practice management suite featuring

  • calendars
  • task-lists
  • trust accounting
  • agendas
  • online documents
  • and more

I’ve seen this system first hand and, yes, it kicks ass. Here are some of the innovative highlights (and if this isn’t a sign that law practice is moving to the web, I don’t know what is).

What is Clio?

  • A state of the art web-based practice suite engineered from the ground-up for sole practitioners, small firms, and often-overlooked Mac-users.
  • The first true software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering for lawyers that isn’t just a watered down, feature-poor substitute for a desktop.
  • So intuitive you’ll know how to use its familiar tools to communicate, draft, research, and bill in just a few minutes.
  • Very possibly a lawyer’s best friend.

The best part is you don’t have to hire a teenager to learn how to use Clio, take a course, or learn how to do things Clio’s way.  Instead Clio learns from you as you use it; what you like, where you like it, etc. Isn’t that refreshing?

Security, Security, Security
Security features drive the development of Clio; the team behind the product knows security is the #1 concern of their customers and its members take a proactive approach including

  • Lock It In The Vault: Clio uses bank-grade 256-bit encryption, backs up all of your data to secure, offsite locations every day, and uses random, non-invasive 3rd party audits to ensure data integrity without compromising client confidentiality.
  • The Driver’s Seat: Once your precious information is in the system you are in full control at all times of who sees it, and can work with it. Restrict access to files, contacts, notes, documents, even billing entries, at the click of a mouse using rights-managed security protocols built right into the system.
  • Take It With You: Lawyers live through their documents and information. Clio makes it ridiculously easy to get information into the system and just as easy to take it out.

According to Jack Newton, President of Themis Solutions, makers of Clio

Lawyers considering web-based solutions are rightly concerned about security, so we built a system with security is second to none. The real question for us though, is why so many clients think that they have to compromise their work experience in the name of that security. Clio is so fast and easy to use that users forget they are on a web-based system and focus on practicing law. That was our goal all along.


  • Matter/Case Management: Organize and manage case, matter, and client information
  • Time and Expense Tracking:  Track time and expenses by client, matter, or task
  • Billing and Reporting: Generate custom invoices and send billing reminders
  • Document Management: Securely store and access documents (built-in versioning and check-out)
  • Trust Accounting: up to the minute transaction records
  • Client and Contact Management: a full contact management/CRM system
  • Scheduling: calendaring and reminder system – appointments be exported to other applications
  • Real Time Metrics: Track current, expected, and target billing figures by week/month/year

At $49/month for lawyers and $25/month for staff, including unlimited technical support, maintenance, and upgrades, Clio is price competitive vis-a-vis other online office suites

My overall feeling about Clio  🙂

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