Blackberry Storm – imitation is the sincerest form of flattery


The Blackberry iPhone .. I mean ‘Storm’

Love is a many splendored thing. How else could you explain the way cell-phone companies can say “I envy and desire you” with their eyes while throwing darts at pictures of the iPhone?

As proof, take the latest “iPhone killer” to emerge from RIM. Hot on the heels of the Googlephone,  the Blackberry Storm is Research in Motion‘s  strike at Cupertino, California-based Apple and a sleek little number at that. Of course Crackberry fans have been ablaze with desire and this feature in Time Magazine did nothing to quench their gadget-lust.

Not that it’s a bad looking phone: on the contrary, it is sleek and boasts some innovative features (the ‘clickable screen’ is very cool for openers, and there are others). Then there is RIM’s ability to deliver the goods, which is legendary. Whether you use ‘push’ e-mail of the Microsoft Exchange variety or pop3 such as Hotmail, Gmail, etc., Blackberry will most likely get it to you faster than any other device, and sends replies without missing a beat thanks to RIM’s proprietary network. Even as a hard-core iPhone fan I must admit that the AT&T network is no substitute for Blackberry’s flawless delivery system.

So shine on you crazy diamond. Although we suspect that rumors of the iPhone’s demise are greatly exaggerated, the Storm is still a damn cool phone.

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