PA Court learns to Twitter … will others follow suit? published this piece on a Pennsylvania Court microblogging (i.e. twittering) with participants about its ‘fugitive safe surrender’ program. With successful results all around, the Court has since begun posting status updates (‘tweeting’) and thus far has nearly 20 followers … a number that will explode as attorneys, clerks, paraprofessionals, court reporters, and members of Sheriff, Police, and Fire departments wake up to the potential for twitter and its ilk to speed up communications beyond recognition. – MH

Penn. Courts ‘Tweet’ on Micro-Blogging Site

Amaris Elliott-Engel, The Legal Intelligencer [Oct 22, 2008]

… [T]he 1st Judicial District has been brisk about getting onto Twitter, an online service that allows users to send brief updates about their activities to other users. When the FJD and other partners held the fugitive safe surrender program Sept. 17 to 20, the FJD sent out updates about the safe surrender program via Twitter to 10 of its volunteers who don’t have BlackBerrys and were unable to receive e-mail updates remotely. But because most people have cell phones, that group of 10 was able to receive updates on their cell phones via Twitter…

… [U]sers can receive Twitter updates on the Web site … by text messages on their cell phones … via e-mail and other Web applications.

The court decided after the safe surrender program wrapped up to see if the bar would be interested in following the court on Twitter … [r[ight now the court is only sending out Twitter updates, or “tweets,” that are also posted on the FJD’s “News and Announcements” section on the Web site.

As of last week, 18 people were following the court on Twitter

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