99 legal marketing professionals on Twitter

From 3 Geeks and a Law Blog (with all due respect)
  1. @azita99 – azita houshiar, New York City I like art + technology. Have a thing 4 robots + work @ http://www.tacitknowledge.com/ web
  2. @bentleytolk – Bentley Tolk, Salt Lake City, Utah As a practicing lawyer, I also provide marketing advice, client development advice, advice on billable hours, and consulting to lawyers and future lawyers. web
  3. @bobambrogi – Bob Ambrogi, Rockport, Mass. Lawyer, writer, consultant. web
  4. @carlgrant – carlgrant, Virginia Senior Vice President, Business Development, Cooley Godward Kronishweb
  5. @carolynelefant – carolynelefant, DC area Practicing lawyer, marine renewables expert, avid blogger, Solo by Choice author, CEO (MyShingle.com), mom web
  6. @cfast – Colin Fast, Winnipeg College marketing guy from Canada web
  7. @citinoal – Allison Citino, Dolanco Junction, California pr and marketing guru. In my sparetime, I eat cheezits and watch law and order (GO STATE) web
  8. @colinokeefe – Colin O’Keefe, Missoula, MT University of Montana journalism student and Montana Grizzlies sports blogger. LexBlog utility infielder. Interested in marketing. web
  9. @david_bilinsky – david_bilinsky, Vancouver BC Canada Law Practice Management Consultant web
  10. @dbruns – dbruns, San Francisco Director of Marketing, Legal Marketing, Dad, Owner of Chickens web
  11. @dkennedyblog – dkennedyblog, St. Louis, MO The Microblog Version of DennisKennnedy.Blog web
  12. @DougJasinski – DougJasinski, Vancouver, Canada Canadian legal marketing guy web
  13. @ewinters – ewinters, Dubai Marketing Manager for largest independent legal firm in the Middle East.web
  14. @gerkmana – Alli Gerkman, Denver, CO CLE professional, attorney, blogger, social media enthusiast, event manager… and you can also find me twittering @ecorazzi web
  15. @GinaRubel – GinaRubel, Doylestown, Pa. PR (public relations) strategic planning adict, mother, recovering attorney, author, publicist, blogger & wannabe photographer / yogi web
  16. @godthedj – James Austin, UK – Birmingham Online Marketing Exec working for Birmingham based Law Firm web
  17. @heathermillian – heather milligan, Los Angeles, CA Director of Marketing, Barger & Wolen legal marketer, mom, wife, girl scout leader, tired. web
  18. @ijh – I.J. Hudson, Wash, DC area Former NBC4 broadcaster. Love to follow new technology- gadgets and social use of the Internet. Currently doing communications/marketing work for a law firm. web
  19. @jaynenavarre – jaynenavarre, Florida Digital marketing geek for lawyers. That’s why I live in the sunshine. web
  20. @jasonmilch – Jason Milch, Chicago, IL I provide public relations and marketing services to law firms and their attorneys. If you are a reporter and need a legal source, chances are I’m your guy. web
  21. @JDTwitt – Adrian L, Mill Valley, CA Communications Director, JD Supra. Poet. All-around word guy. Blogging at http://scoop.jdsupra.com/ Bookmarking at http://www.socialmedian.com/adrian_l web
  22. @jeffbob – Jeff Yerkey, San Francisco, CA Law firm marketer; graphic designer, web 2 geek web
  23. @JeffTBerman – Jeff Berman, Chicago, IL Disengaged Worker turned Passionate Entrepreneur. Marketer for Lawyers. SEM and SEO Enthusiast. AttorneySync is like eHarmony for legal services. web
  24. @jonathanfields – Jonathan Fields, NYC Father, husband, career renegade, lifestyle-entrepreneur, marketing/copywriting maven, blogger, social-media explorer, recovering lawyer and…yoga dude web
  25. @jordan_law21 – Jordan Furlong, Ottawa, ON Lawyer, editor, blogger, collaborator, innovator, and occasional Jeremiah for the legal profession. web
  26. @joshfruchter – joshfruchter, New York Joshua Fruchter is the founder of eLawMarketing and publisher of LawyerCasting web
  27. @KBWhit – KBWhit, Greensboro, NC Wife to Gabe, Mom to Hannah, Legal Marketer web
  28. @kevinaschenbren – Kevin Aschenbrenner, Langford, British Columbia Media/PR consultant for law firms in North America and the EU. If you’re a reporter looking for an attorney source, Tweet me. Attorney looking for PR? Same. web
  29. @kevinokeefe – Kevin OKeefe, Seattle – web
  30. @lawfirmseo – Laurie Williams, Washington, DC Legal Internet Marketing Consultant web
  31. @legalmarketing – legalmarketing, West Chester, PA Entrepreneur, female small business owner, legal marketing coach and consultant to personal injury lawyers web
  32. @legalresources – legalresources, Florida Virtual Assistant, Social Media Marketing Coach, Writer, Authorweb
  33. @lieslglogan – lieslglogan, Fort Worth, TX Legal marketer, wife, mom, Christian, Democrat, Texan, lover of all things haunted web
  34. @LindsayGriffith – LindsayGriffith, Barnegat, NJ Marketer & Events Planner Extraodinaire International Lawyers Network web
  35. @lizbardindley – lizbardlindley, NY Metro area I do PR and writing for Law Firms web
  36. @marsha – Marsha Keeffer, Silicon Valley Social Media PR Expert web
  37. @matthomann – Matt Homann, St. Louis, MO Big Thinker. Innovational Speaker. Creative Facilitator. Dad. web
  38. @mbeese – Mark Beese, Evergreen Colorado web
  39. @melitaz – melitaz, San Francisco, CA New media explorer Traditional PR expat. web
  40. @michaelzucker – michaelzucker, Los Angeles business writer, lawyer, marketing & communications consultant web
  41. @minasirkin – minasirkin, Los Angeles, CA and Woodland H Trusts / Estates Lawyer, Legal Expert, Mom, Blogger, techno serial entrepreneur. http://www.MomsRules.com web
  42. @nancymyrland – Nancy Myrland Professional Marketing Advisor web
  43. @newsucnuse – newsucnuse, Long Island, NY (work in NYC) Marketing director, mother of twins, writer, former reporter web
  44. @nikiblack – Nicole Black, Rochester, NY I am a lawyer, legal writer & avid blogger http://nicoleblackesq.com I’m also a newly indoctrinated social media geek & wine and food fanatic.web
  45. @paul177 – paul177, Philadelphia, PA Associate Vice President, Gregory FCA, PR rep for law firms, public companies, and financial institutions web
  46. @paulmckeon – Paul McKeon, Sydney, Australia Former IBM and Dell flack, now with law firm Deacons (http://twitter.com/Deacons). web
  47. @Remarkikkin – Nicole Kramer Living Law Firm Marketing web
  48. @Riskin – Gerry Riskin, Anguilla, B.W.I. Lawyer/Consultant, http://www.gerryriskin.com/cat-about-gerry.html web
  49. @rocketmatter – rocketmatter, Florida The web generation of legal practice management web
  50. @SeanMcGinnis – SeanMcGinnis, Eagan, MN Manager, Search Marketing at FindLaw web
  51. @shodes – shodes, Maryland Marketing Director for the Baltimore law firm of Adelberg, Rudow, Dorf & Hendler, LLC web
  52. @stephenfairley – Stephen Fairley, Phoenix, AZ Law Firm Marketing Expert, Legal Marketing, Lawyer Marketing web
  53. @StephenLudwig – StephenLudwig, Denver Metro Dir of Public Affairs, Metzger web
  54. @StephKimbro – StephKimbro, Wilmington, North Carolina Attorney and Owner of Kimbro Legal Services, a Virtual Law Practice in N.C. Owner of VLOTech, a tech company providing SaaS virtual law office software web
  55. @SteveWorrall – Steve Worrall, Marietta, Georgia USA Marietta and Atlanta estate planning, divorce and family law attorney and Personal Family Lawyer. Enjoys the law and learning about marketing the practice. web
  56. @st0rmshadow – Garth O’Brien, Seattle, Washington Search Engine Optimization, SEO, SEM, Social Media, Internet Marketing, Gamer, Scuba Diver, Ski, Networking, Attorney, Comics, XboxLive = Stormshad0w web
  57. @thblaw – Tamera Bennett, Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex Copyright Law, Trademark Law, Entertainment Law, Music Publishing Attorney, Branding, Blogger, Speaker, Cub Scout Den Mom web
  58. @TMighell – Tom Mighell, Dallas, Texas web
  59. @tsfranklin – Travis Franklin, Boise, Idaho An aspiring author and proud dad. Oh and a marketing director for a law firm for my day job. web
  60. @vivianhood – vivianhood, Jacksonville, FL I do law firm PR and media relations for national law firms. Need a legal source? web
  61. @JERaasch – JERaasch, Denver, Colorado Writer and ghostwriter for lawyers, law firms and consultants.web
  62. @donnafryer – donnafryer, In front of computer! Teach others how to find info, people, job candidates & create and deliver enticing webinars for the executive recruiting, law marketing, & CLE industr web
  63. @melby_az – Melanie Green Legal marketing & business development, information soaker, student of twitter! web
  64. @3rddeadline – Russell Thomas, ..deboarding a plane in D.C… I hear he handles PR and business development for a law firm Somewhere, there’s a 5pm news deadline to beat. web
  65. @ChristinePilch – Christine Pilch, Massachusetts Marketer specializing in positioning and branding. Social media networking junkie enjoying new connections and reconnects with old friends. web
  66. @allisonshields – allisonshields, Long Island, New York practice management and business development consultant for lawyers web
  67. @pstessel – 
    Philippe Stessel, Manager, Marketing Technology at Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP. 

    pstessel, NYC Manager of Marketing & Business Development IS web

  68. @lawfirmblogger – Amy Derby, Chicago Law Firm Blogger : helping busy lawyers write better blogs web
  69. @monicaesmith – Monica Smith, Winter Park, Florida publicist focusing on local and national PR for law firms web
  70. @briancarter – Brian Carter, Myrtle Beach/San Diego Optimizer. “The funniest married white male keynote speaker on Twitter who also likes Yanni”. Director PPC, SEO, Social Media. Speaking next at PubCon 08. web
  71. @Law1389 – Law1389, Seattle WA web
  72. @TimV57 – Tim V, Chicago, IL – Marketing Technology Manager web
  73. @Adrianos – adrianosfacchetti, City of Angels attorney/blogger/defamation enthusiast/mnemonist/ web
  74. @michaelzukewich – michaelzukewich, Washington, DC Legal Marketing Coordinator web
  75. @ericpursh – ericpursh, Pittsburgh web
  76. @Laurie2 – Laurie Bloom, New York Marketing Director in a major law firm. web
  77. @leecomms – leecomms, Near NYC I handle comms and media for a variety of legal pubs, inc. American Lawyer web
  78. @RainmakingLady – Margaret Grisdela, President and Author Legal Expert Connections, Inc.  web 
  79. @LisaHenry1 – LisaHenry1, Jackson, Mississippi Legal Marketer Criminal Defense(Most want to know what exactly I do, so I describe what I am doing as it happens) web
  80. @Msdahmenor – Gayle Panter North Metro Atlanta, Georgia Bio Marketing/Paralegal-does that make me a Legal Marketer??? web
  81. @george_murphy – george_murphy, Baltimore, MD SEO/SEM manager for attorneys at Foster Web Marketing, Journalist for Yanks-Abroad.com, soccer coach and player, Man U fanatic, dog owner, etc… web
  82. @KarenMenard – KarenMenard, New England Marketing professional, legal marketing, high tech, social media, future blogger, walker, geneologist web
  83. @arethagaskin – arethagaskin, US Dynamic virtual professional and owner of The Virtual Legal Assistant! web
  84. @Fresh00 – Parviz, Los Angeles, CA Love: fun, global integration and Bollywood movies, Human Rights, MMA, Web 2.0 stuff, Business, Travel, and Law. web
  85. @cml868 – Chris Leporini, Chicago I am a Web Editor for the American Bar Association with a journalism background and an interest in social media. web
  86. @AlexisNeely – Alexis Martin Neely, California Mom, Better TV Family Finance and Legal Expert, Revolutionizing the Legal World web
  87. @tmarman – Tim Marman, 84 Bay Ridge Ave, Brooklyn, NY Entrepreneur, Developer, J.D., Blogger. Founder of Notches. web
  88. @corporatetool – Josh King, Seattle  VP, Biz Dev & General Counsel at Avvo. Bike commuter, as long as it’s not raining too hard. web
  89. @Undercover_Lawr – Undercover_Lawr, The Beautiful Northwest, USA Bringing legal strategies of big business and mega firms to individual people, so they can take back control of their work life. Also dig cigars, Sbucks, &a web
  90. @Lola0901 – LauraA, Columbus, Ohio – Marketer, mommy and recovering lurker. web
  91. @corporette – corporette, New York, NY Corporette is a fashion and lifestyle blog for women lawyers, bankers, MBAs, consultants… web
  92. @conradsaam – Conrad Saam, Seattle Online marketer * dad * homebrewer web
  93. @internetlawyer7 – erik syverson, Los Angeles Erik Syverson is a business and internet law attorney operating an internet law firm. web
  94. @badijones – Badi Jones, Charleston, SC, USA I am a web developer from Charleston, SC. I like search marketing and programming. Made myIPneighbors.com, dnScoop.com. More @ BadiJones.com web
  95. @jlns – JLNS, Washington, DC The longest-running online source of attorney sources and law firm news. web
  96. @chuckwilkins – chuckwilkins, Washington, DC –  Media contact at Venable LLP, a large DC law firm. web  
  97. @Cheryl528 – Cheryl528, Kansas City Marketing Administrator at a law firm web
  98. @wpollak – Bill Pollak, New York, NY – CEO-North America, Incisive Media web 
  99. @scartierliebel – SCartierLiebel, Connecticut, USA – Coach/Consultant Teaching Lawyers How to Open Their Own Solo Practice. Creator of Solo Practice University http://solopracticeuniversity.com web

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