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ABA TechShow 2009 – Short and SaaSy

Were the ABA Damnit!

We're the ABA Damnit! We own you!

This was my 10th year at ABA Technology Show in Chicago. This year was particularly cool.  Here’s why:

Meeting The Heavies: To me, seeing people like Dennis Kennedy, Tom Mighelle, Bob Ambrogi, Jim Calloway, Kevin O’Keefe, Brett Burney, Andy Atkins, Jay Foonberg (!) and the rest of my pretend blog friends … I mean pretend LinkedIn friends … is like reconnecting with long lost relatives. Exciting and a little intimidating. But all of them were really great and down to earth. Except that Kennedy. Such a prima donna. I kid, I kid.

Meeting Canadians: Who can forget meeting the Great Librarian of Upper Canada! Beat that. Then there was Phil of the Future (my name for him), Steve Matthews (nice guy), Brett Burney (I think he’s Canadian), Dominic Jaar (vive la Quebec libre!), the boys from Clio (or as I called them, the Booth Babes), and a host of other talent from the Great White North. It was great to meet you all: now go back where the ice doesn’t melt until July.

Technology Becoming Accepted: This year for the first time in memory I noticed a preponderance of grey hairs and the careful gait of partners scoping out potential buys for their offices.  This was not the brash, flash-in-the-pan TechShow of the late-90’s in which the Internet was decried as a fad.

SaaS, Saas, and more Saas: Software as a service was all over the place, and by next year it will be pervasive. This year I was knocked out by the number and variety of kick-ass SaaS providers at the show including Clio, RocketMatter, and VLO Tech. Clio was my hands-down favorite for a number of reasons – I intend to use it in my own practice. Whatever your cup of tea, the idea of throwing away the IT department in favor of the Cloud is gaining traction fast.

Less is … Less: One lamentable fact about this  year’s show – there was less of it than I’ve seen in a long time. Another casualty of the economy I’d say, but we shouldn’t overlook the fact that many legal technology vendors have been slaves to profit instead of boosters for innovation and the slow economy is making it painfully apparent what a royal screw job they’ve been giving lawyers all these years. Many players couldn’t make it ? Good riddance to bad company.

Other than that however, it was a great experience as always and one that I heartily recommend to one and all. If you haven’t been to TechShow, go there. If you have, come back. A splendid time is guaranteed for all.

For more coverage see my SmallLaw Column in TechnoLawyer.

Check out Twitter coverage of TechShow.

As always, I’d love your thoughts. E-mail me at mhedayat[at] or tweet me @practichacker.

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docstoc oneclick

 mazy's docstoc page_Page_1  my profile page on docstoc

Maybe I’m supposed to be neutral or unbiased or something when I share websites, applications, blogs, and gewgaws; but some start-ups appeal to me more than others. Take docstoc for example. This little company from the West Coast has implemented the kind of document-exchange ideas I was talking about in posts like this. So far they’ve done a hell of a job, becoming the virtual Energizer Bunny® of document exchange sites: they get funded, add features, get more funding, add more features, and so on. Still and all, it is by no means clear that docstoc will be able to overtake general-application early entrants such as google docs and scribd, more specialized document exchange sites such as jd supra, or newer competitors such as (which is cool as hell, I must say).

But true to form, docstoc continues to battle back – this time with a nifty idea called OneClick. In the words of the company, Oneclick allows you to upload document(s) by right clicking on files from your desktop and e-mailing large documents (up to 50 MBs) without having to use attachments.

Of course the question is not good intentions but execution. Granted, I’ve had more than my share of trouble using the docstoc site, but I’ve tried OneClick and so-far-sogood. 

Now you give it a shot and tell me what you think. Run the video below to learn more or go directly here to get started. 

docstoc oneclick



ABA TechShow 2008 – presentation materials available

AI – Advanced IT/Security
CR – Client Relationships
ED – E-Discovery
GG Going Green
IN – Internet
LF – Large Firm / Corporate Counsel
LT – Litigation
MA – Mac Track
MO – Microsoft Office
MT – Mobile Technology
PO – Paperless Office
RM – Records Management
RT – Roundtables
SSI – Solo / Small Firm I
SSII – Solo / Small Firm II
SM – Show Me How

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ABA TechShow 2008 – I came, I saw, I blogged …

Author’s Note: This year I got to blog the ABA Technology Show once again as I did last year in this pair of posts here and here. In addition, this year I was given the opportunity to publish my work in the prestigious publication TechnoLawyer. And on a related (and equally important) note, this was the second year in a row that I was sponsored by the august DuPage County Bar Association, thanks to the hard work of directrix and champion of technology, Glenda Sharp. To Glenda and this year’s bar President, Fred Spitzzeri, a great big Thank You! Here’s to doing it again next year …

I Attended ABA TECHSHOW 2008 and All I Got Was This Lousy Blog Post

Eliminating the Paper Chase: From Boxes to Bytes (Paperless Office Track)

A Real World EDD Motion Hearing (Litigation Track)

The Mobile Office: Take Your Desktop in Your Pocket (Mobile Technology Track)

Outlook Tips and Tricks (Roundtables Track)

So You Want to Be an ABA Author? (Special Session)

Beating the Startup Blues: A Tech Survival Guide (Solo/Small Firm II Track)

Grand Finale: 60 Sites In 60 Minutes

Crazy Mazy’s Best of Show: SQ Global Solutions

Crazy Mazy’s Best of Show: Legal Bar by BEC Legal Systems

Crazy Mazy’s Best of Show: Electronic Discovery

Crazy Mazy’s Best of Show: Adobe Acrobat Professional

A Report from the Exhibit Hall and Suggestions for TechShow 2009

bubble … what bubble?



Take it away guys …

docstoc going strong ..

From Jason Nazar, founder of docstoc, the sharing site for professional documents, comes this message

This is Jason from docstoc. Since we launched a few short weeks ago we’ve had thousands of documents of all descriptions being uploaded to the site. To all of you who’ve helped us to make it this far we want to extend a big “Thanks” for being part of our community of forward-thinking professionals.

For those of you who haven’t yet had a chance to see docstoc in action, come on by and sign up for free – then enjoy the best online document exchange the web has to offer; and we’re making improvements all the time. In fact we just added featured documents for each category (legal, business, etc.). If you want to be featured, or would like to see more of your documents featured to the community, just let us know. 

Feel free to send an email any time to, or call us at 310 246 2311. Of course you can also catch me on AOL Instant Messenger at jlnazar or via Google Talk at jasonlnazar.

Finally, since your feedback and advice is crucial to our success, we were hoping that you could take a moment to tell us a few things like what you think of the site so far and what we could do to make it a better experience for you?

Thanks again for coming by and trying docstoc – the premier professional document sharing community on the web.

Denise Howell needs your support…

Denis Howell

Denis Howell, noted Legal blogger, who basically has pioneered the opportunity for other Legal bloggers with her listing @ could use some support from the legal community by visiting ZDNet blog and not only reading or commenting, but the check the vote box. By doing this you support the effort of bringing her blogs post forward among the numerous Tech/Gaget/IT related stories.

Recently we have notice a surge in online IT publications addressing the common issue of Piracy/DRM. Much needed education is required when addressing this issue, “Fair Use” is bundled right along with it.

The opportunities for Law Firms is opening up, exposing readers to “REAL” authoritative sources in translating Copy Rights, Digital Rights Management can only benefit the Legal Sector as a whole.

I just wish someone would point RIAA or MPAA toward the International Disc Duplicators Association(IDDA), and leave the downloading soccer-moms along. The real pirates are laughing at them, my competitors, who would print/duplicate/package/distribute anything.

Show your support for a fellow attorney