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Law School Twitter Feeds

Social Media Law Student

Social Media Law Student

Change in the profession is more likely to bubble up from new lawyers than to descend from partners at law firms. To start with here is a list of law schools that have decided to join the national dialogue on Twitter – let me know if you know of others:



New York University


University of Chicago

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

University of San Diego


Yale Law Library

what’s your opinion?


Todays Assignment ...

Today's Assignment ...

As many of you know I write a column for TechnoLawyer with Ross “the Boss” Kodner.  SmallLaw, previously “Crazy Mazy” … long story, is designed to highlight small firm and solo practice issues. I have always contributed based on what I thought readers  ought to know and assumed that, being a sole-practitioner myself, I was qualified to do so. But what do small firm and sole practitioners really want to know? I’m asking for your feedback. Thanks for taking a minute to give me your thoughts. – MH

What do you expect from social media?

Courtesy of my colleagues on LinkedIn and the geeks at interactive insights group comes this handy list of websites designed to help measure the “value” of social media (is there any?).

What do you expect from social media such as FaceBook, Twitter, and the rest? Can the reality live up to the hype?