Re: Recommendations for Server Network

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Recommendations for Server Network

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From: TimothyHoppa

How fun is this? I would have joined this committee a long time ago if I knew it meant helping pick out servers. </geek off>

Anyways, I think there’s alot of up-front decisions that you need to make. For example, is this simply a file server or are you considering running other services on it (mail server, web server, something like abacuslaw, etc.)

Features I think are useful (hardware, not software): 1) remote access to (at least) files (vpn?). Windows supports this natively, with a little configuration; 2) Something to perform daily, incremental backups. We use a tape drive. My neighbor, the computer tech, rolls his eyes everytime I mention it though; 3) Back up power. A UPS has saved us several times.

A lot of people here enjoy the remote access. Personally, I’m warm at best about it. Expectations about how accesable you are increase when you can finish that brief off at home. Moreover, there’s that little voice in my head that is always saying, “The client really doesn’t want to pay you for typing….” It has also lead to the absent-lawyer problem: the person that still bills alot but we never see because they’re always working from home. So, for me, remote email access it really all that you need. I’d like to hear some other opinions on this one.

The other items are essential. My neighbor recommends an external harddrive for backups. The backup power supply really helps if you have mission critical operations. When our office got struck by lightening, the entire building lost power, but between the surge protector and the backup power supply, we were able to shut that down properly.

I’m not sure any of that was answer to your question, but I hope it helps.

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